What Clients Are Saying!

I really appreciate Jim and his insights. The wisdom that he brings has been incredibly helpful to me over the years. His ability in helping me understand my unique gifts and pointing out how I can apply them at work and at home has been very powerful.

If you ever get a chance to work with him I’d encourage you to jump on it. I think anyone could benefit from spending time with Jim. It would be great for you. Jim – thank you!

John Speropulos - Development Partner/President - Mitch Cox Real Estate

Not only has Jim helped me personally be a more intentional leader, but his expertise in employee engagement and talent management has helped our team be more effective in everything we do!!  

Jerry Caldwell - President/GM, Bristol Motor Speedway

I have referred a number of colleagues to Jim Fickley over the years. With a background in counseling and extensive experience as an executive coach, Jim has a unique skill to rapidly establish trust and credibility that enhances a physician’s ability to gain improved self-awareness.  His techniques enable physicians to be more effective communicators and function more effectively as a health care team leader.

I would recommend reaching out to Jim at Attending the Physician if you are a physician looking to improve relational skills, ease stress and regain perspective or an administrative leader looking for a reliable place to refer their provider team. His expertise and support can make a significant difference.

Clay W. Runnels, MD, MBA - Physician Executive

I’ve worked with Jim for many years. When I first moved into management, Jim was assigned by a senior leader to mentor me. His process allowed me to transition from being a member of a team to leading the team I was formally a member of.

When my team and I embraced the process, we discovered a new level of trust, and our ability to work together was vastly improved. I highly recommend Jim for any team looking to make a meaningful difference in their company culture.

Braun Smith - Senior Vice President - Speedway Motorsports

I had reached a point in life and career where the path forward was unclear. Jim helped me gain perspective on what was important through a 3-day intensive life coaching session. The outcome was life-changing. I still read the notes and find value in the outcome.

Hank Carr - Senior Vice President - Realty Trust Group

Jim worked with me at a difficult point in my career and helped me to focus on my mission and purpose in life and medicine. I am very grateful for his empathy, listening skills and wisdom and the pathway he has created to help physicians and other professionals evaluate their journey and understand where God is leading them. He knows the difficulties facing working professionals today and helps to identify our roadblocks and build on our strengths, values and goals.

Mary Dawson, MD, FAAFP

Over the years, Jim has served me and our organization on several fronts. Whether you’re a physician seeking an executive coach to help you regain your perspective and develop next-level skills or a healthcare administrator needing a referral, I highly recommend reaching out to Jim at Attending the Physician.

Chad Couch, MD, MBA - Physician Executive

After I experienced a large corporate layoff, I was left with doubts about my abilities and talents. Jim reminded me of my gifts and values. He was instrumental in helping me find my next career.

Shannon Castillo - Broker - Mitch Cox Companies

If you want to discover more about who you are and why you are the way you are and embark on something different or maybe the same but with a better path forward, I would encourage you to talk to Jim. Jim has a way of engaging you with compassion, empathy and a humble honesty and directness that will challenge you and inspire you at the same time!

Stan Hickson - Healthcare Executive

I’ve known Jim since 2014 and have learned immensely from him in both leadership and supporting leader’s roles. His abilities to actively listen in-depth, ask questions that force a re-examination of perspective, and then synthesize tangible solutions together are world-class.

What sets Jim apart is that he doesn’t just provide a list of “ok, we’ve identified your problems A and B, so here are solutions C and D,” he fosters meaningful personal growth and pushes those around him to reach their fullest, unrealized potential.

I would send my family to Jim, and as a physician, that’s the highest recommendation I can give for another professional.

Josh Wienczkowski, MD, MPH Medical Director - Cedar Recovery

Jim gave us tools and conversations that helped guide our staff to our next level of growth. We would recommend him to any group interested in operating at their fullest potential!.

Kristen Pumphrey, Optometrist

Jim is an executive coach that I have known for years.  I have referred numerous physicians and leaders to him over the years for a variety of reasons.  His expertise has helped leaders reach the next level of their careers. I have also seen Jim help physicians who are experiencing burnout, moral injury, and crisis in their careers.  He not only improves lives but saves lives and careers.  As a result of his partnership with these clinicians in distress I have seen them return to the bedside and their families in a refreshed state with renewed purpose and skills.

Brian Dawson, MD, MBA - Physician Executive

Jim quickly earned my trust by understanding my situation. His expertise helped me boost my leadership skills.

Fawwaz Hamati, Cardiologist

Initially, Jim made me see how my life had become unbalanced and my priorities were not in order.  I had neglected my health and found I was severely lacking in the methodology of personal growth and development.  Through this initial process of working on myself, I realized I needed to make some significant decisions and adjustments. I am so thankful for Jim’s coaching and am amazed at the changes that are occurring in all areas of my life. 

Graig Hoffman - Senior Director, Partnerships at BMS & North Wilkesboro Speedway

Jim has walked with me through both personal and professional challenges. His insightful questions have provided a fresh perspective, and he offers an array of tools to equip you to navigate life’s challenges.

Nathan Justice, MD, MBA

Jim’s AWARE method has helped me focus on my strengths and what is important to me.  This has helped me feel more confident in my practice and balanced in the workplace and career.

Laura Harvey, DO

Jim helped me to refocus on what is important in life and evaluate my journey. His honest, head-on approach to coaching encouraged and challenged me to stretch outside my comfort and security and embrace the talents and skills with which I’ve been gifted.

Tim Dolan, Lecturer UT School of Interior Architecture

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