Build a Successful Career, Healthy Relationships at work and home, and create the Life You Want.

I’m Jim Fickley, an Executive Coach.

Over the last 38 years, I’ve helped transform the lives of over a thousand individuals through my coaching and counseling programs.

Fickley Coaching continues to grow as leaders focus on new ways to maintain their balance in their lives, build healthy relationships at home and work, and boost their team’s impact.

As a high achiever, you get things done. Each day is marked with measuring up to your own expectations. The demands of life and work require that you keep pushing forward. Like a hamster on its wheel, you just keep moving.

Granted, there are many successes!! However, if you’re like the individuals I work with, there always seems to be something in the back of your mind … nagging at you.

Do any of these resonate with you?

  • How can I maximize my effectiveness at home and work?
  •  Is there something else out there for me other than what I currently doing?
  • How can I become a more effective leader?
  • I feel like I’m way out of balance but I don’t know what to do about it.
  • When is enough … “enough”?

I understand.

Like all high capacity leaders, I’ve dealt with all of the above. So I know how important it is to have the tools, strategies and best practices available.

I can help you eliminate the confusion and take the guesswork out of what to do next.

The coaching I provide helps high achievers like you live and lead intentionally so that you can maximize your impact at work and home.

Jim quickly earned my trust by understanding my situation. His expertise helped me boost my leadership skills.

Fawwaz Hamati, Cardiologist

Jim helped me to refocus on what is important in life and evaluate my journey. His honest, head-on approach to coaching encouraged and challenged me to stretch outside my comfort and security and embrace the talents and skills with which I’ve been gifted.

Tim Dolan, Lecturer UT School of Interior Architecture

Jim gave us tools and conversations that helped guide our staff to our next level of growth. We would recommend him to any group interested in operating at their fullest potential!.

Kristen Pumphrey, Optometrist

Contact us and we’ll set something up today!

Here’s how to get started!


Call or email. Together we’ll select a coaching package that best fits your vision and your needs.


Begin with a 1.5 hour strategy session via video conferencing or in person to clarify strengths and goals and to layout work going forward.


Two 50 minute sessions per month to ensure that you are constantly moving forward.


Progress is achieved through routines, habits and practices. Weekly action plans will help you take important steps forward.


Imagine! maximizing your impact at work and home overnight!


Does that sound far-fetched? Well it isn’t.


People don't want you to talk as much as you think. They want you to really listen.


When that happens trust flows, productivity happens and things just get better!!


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